WordPress Memory Fatal Error

Last Thursday when I was writing article and setting my WordPress blog, I got memory fatal error like below.

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 41943040 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 49152 bytes) in /home/inspira8/public_html/wp-admin/includes/user.php on line 95

I got that memory fatal error when I want to login to administration page of my WordPress. Before, when I customized setting of my WordPress and when I tried to activate plugin, I got similar memory fatal error with different location of PHP file.

I was so shock then I contacted my hosting provider. I opened the support ticket and told this issue to them. Their response was quick enough. The first solution they gave me is like below.

First, Login to CPanel. I clicked “Select PHP Version” in “Software” section.










Second, I changed “PHP Version” from “Native (5.5)” to “7.0”. Then, I clicked “Switch To PHP Options”.








Third, change “memory_limit” to maximum (512M)










Then, I clicked “Set as current” and “Save”.

But, you know what I got after these things?

Screenshot_2016-08-12-00-08-27-951 (1)



My website did not working! 🙁






What would you do if you had this issue? For me, I just go back to CPanel and changed the setting to its original (Native 5.5). Why? Of course, I did not want to make my money for this hosting waste and I did not want others think that my website is not working anymore. What a scary thought, right?

Okay, I continue to report this unwanted super fatal error to my hosting provider. I gave them screenshot like above and told them about what I have done. But, they told me that my website is working well and no issue like that. What? Did they hope that I let that error going on? Oh man! Okay, I calmed down my self and told them that I changed back the PHP version to its original setting so they had no issue when they access my website. Okay, I changed back to PHP version 7.0 and let my website broke so they can investigate the issue. 🙁

After that, thank God, they changed their customer service person in charge. And they help me to change PHP Version of my website to PHP version 5.6 because they told me that PHP version 5.6 has more modules that nice to have.

Please tell me whether it is true? Why not choose the latest PHP version?

They activated some modules that nice to have and gave me screenshot like below.

Update Feature PHP 5.6






They also increased max memory limit and gave me screenshot like below.Update Memory Limit PHP 5.6





Then, I tried to access my website, and it is working now.

Thank God 🙂

Before I was angry and disappointed because of this issue. But, now I realize that this is happen for my goodness sake. I post a wrong information about how to plug hard drive into laptop before that I realized today. It is good that my website is down so I did not share the wrong information to many more people. I apologize to you who has read my post “First Time Plug Hard Drive Into Laptop” before. I have made that post to draft. I revised the information and story in my post “You Are Not Used To Do It Yet Quote”. I will always try to give my best to share the right information and inspire you with what I thought and what I had experienced.

I’ve seen the heavy load God has put on human beings.  He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also given people a sense of who he is. But they can’t completely understand what God has done from beginning to end. (Ecclesiastes 3:10-11 NIRV)

God bless you 🙂

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