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Hi all,

Recently I made a report that is used to print Barcode in Navision. For this tutorial, let’s make an Item Report that prints Barcode. This Barcode contains Item’s No and its description. Actually, print Barcode in Report Navision is easy. We just need to change font of our text to Barcode font. I am using “Free 3 of 9” Font to print Barcode. You can download this Barcode font for FREE in here. Then, install “free3of9.ttf”.

First of all, create new report in Navision.

Second, add Item as DataItem.

Third, add new global variable with name “txtBarcode” and Text Data Type to store Barcode information.


Fourth, add column as below.


Fifth, add code to fill txtBarcode variable in Item’s trigger as below. We need to add * sign in the start and the end of text. We can separate two fields with + sign.


Sixth, add layout of report. Use “Free 3 of 9” font in txtBarcode textbox.


Seventh, save your report and run it.


Eighth, I am using “Barcode Scanner” Android Application by ZXing Team.


Thank you to my friend who informed me about this Barcode font.

Hope this information is useful for you. God bless you all 🙂

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