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How to Change Outlook Time Zone Office 2016

Today, my friend ask me to change her Outlook Time Zone in Office 2016. After googling, I found that there is setting for Time Zone in tab General on Outlook Options. But, I cannot...

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Barcode or QR code Scanner to PC using Android App

Hello all.. Today I try to scan barcode or QR code using Android smartphone as a barcode scanner. After search a while, I decide to try “Barcode To PC Scanner”. Here I share how...

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There’s Power in Your Name Lyrics

  This beautiful and powerful song is created by Natania and her husband, Michael. This video is recorded at Sunday Service today in GKPB Masa Depan Cerah Surabaya. Natania and her children sang this...

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Live in Concert For His Highest Royal Priesthood MDC Surabaya

Halo guyss, GKPB Masa Depan Cerah (MDC) Surabaya mau mengadakan live in concert “For His Highest” loohh.. Ingat yaa.. Tanggal 25 Januari 2019 pukul 18.30 WIB di Graha Pemulihan lantai 2 ( Tiketnya murah...

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Resep Telor Goreng Pontianak

Beberapa waktu lalu, aku dapat resep telor goreng pontianak dari teman kantor.. gampang banget dan ternyata enaakk.. Hahahhaha.. Telor Pontianak Bahan : 1 butir telor 1 siung bawang putih, dicacah 1 sdt saus tiram...

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Avocado Lovers di Surabaya

Siapa yang suka sama buah Alpukat? Apalagi dijus sama es dan ditambah gula.. Trus ditambahin susu coklat dan topping buah Alpukat atau Mangga atau Durian atau Nangka atau Sirsat atau Kelapa.. Woowww ngebayanginnya aja...

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How to Use Sticker in WhatsApp Messenger for Android

Hi guyss.. Do you know the latest sticker feature in WhatsApp Messenger? Yes, maybe you find this article because you are searching for it. You are in the right place. Hahaha.. Today I want...

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Cannot Filter Field When CTRL+G in AX Lookup

Hi all, I want to share about AX matter again 🙂 Today, I got issue which in my new form. I have a lookup to CustTable in “Account No.” field. When I press CTRL+G, I...

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Mendengar Suara Tuhan

Oleh : Agus Lianto (@guslee1808) Gereja : GKPB Masa Depan Cerah (@mdc.surabaya) Yohanes 10:22-29 (TB) Tidak lama kemudian tibalah hari raya Pentahbisan Bait Allah di Yerusalem; ketika itu musim dingin. Dan Yesus berjalan-jalan di...

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Print Barcode in Report Navision

Hi all, Recently I made a report that is used to print Barcode in Navision. For this tutorial, let’s make an Item Report that prints Barcode. This Barcode contains Item’s No and its description. Actually,...

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