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The First Aid for Heat Burn

Sunday, August 28 , 2016 will be unforgettable moment in my life. At that day, I got injury on my feet. Accidentally I poured a boiling water to my feet in bathroom. :'( At...

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Nonton Konser Musik Indspire

Hari minggu kemarin bukan suatu kebetulan ada promosi konser musik Indspire di gereja. Dengan biaya yang terjangkau yaitu 50.000 rupiah, saya sudah bisa mendapatkan tiket konser musik ini. Tentu saja bukan suatu kebetulan juga, saat...

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Today is My Blood Donation Second Attempt

I donated my blood first time at June 17, 2012. It was a happy moment because I was glad my blood can be used to help others. Because I felt dizzy for some days...

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