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Resep Telor Goreng Pontianak

Beberapa waktu lalu, aku dapat resep telor goreng pontianak dari teman kantor.. gampang banget dan ternyata enaakk.. Hahahhaha.. Telor Pontianak Bahan : 1 butir telor 1 siung bawang putih, dicacah 1 sdt saus tiram...

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Minced Beef and Enoki Stew Recipe

Hi all.. I want to share a simple recipe.. This one is called Minced Beef and Enoki Stew. Ingredients : Minced beef 400 gr Enoki mushroom Minced Red onion (8 cloves) Minced Garlic (3...

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Beef Japanese Curry Recipe

Do you like Japanese Curry? How about making it at home? Today I try the japanese curry instant from Golden Curry Sauce Mix. I am using the mild version. I am using recipe from...

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Resep Sosis Sapi Saus Lada Hitam

Saya mau share resep gampang dan enak nih.. Sosis sapi saus lada hitam.. Judulnya saja sudah enak ya.. Hehehehe.. I wanna share the easy and delicious recipe.. Beef sausage with blackpepper sauce.. The title...

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