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Pengalaman Belanja Online di Ali Express dari Indonesia

Sudah lama pengen belanja online di Ali Express. Salah satunya karena ada teman kantor  yang beberapa kali dapat barang berkualitas yang murah di sana dan barang belanjaannya sampai di Indonesia dengan selamat. Karena ada teman...

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The First Aid for Heat Burn

Sunday, August 28 , 2016 will be unforgettable moment in my life. At that day, I got injury on my feet. Accidentally I poured a boiling water to my feet in bathroom. :'( At...

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God Will Guide You When You Ask Him

Have you read my post “Faith to God is an Extraordinary Decision”? Today is the day that I need to solve an issue at my job. Before, I was so afraid and worry because...

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