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we are not used to do it

When we face the difficult things in our life, sometimes we thought that we could not do it. But, actually maybe it just because we are not used to do it yet. This is my thought, my quote for last thursday. Never give up. Keep trying. Keep learning. Keep asking God to help you to do it. Keep believing that God is able to help you. In the beginning of every new thing is mostly never easy. But, believe that one day you will see God can work through you and you can do it finally. Then, let we praise God and thank Him for what He has done to use. I have been see how God help me miraculously before so I believe He can do the same thing for you and me for the next challenges in our lives.

“ ‘If you can’?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for the one who believes.” Mark 9:23 (NIRV)

Last wednesday, I am asked to help my friend to plug hard drive into laptop because he must go to customer site. Actually, I am never to do it in my life. He told me the ways to do it. I was agree to help him although I was so afraid I ruin this laptop. Okay, then last thursday, I did it.

I remove the nut in red box then in green box. After that, I unplug the hard drive from the blue line.

Unite the hard drive into its original casing (yellow box) with nut using screw. My friend whom I help told me this. Before, I tried to put it into red box and it denied to be united. Then cover with its plastic and plug hard drive into laptop. After that, I tightened the hard drive in green box.

I matched the puzzle in this laptop’s cover (yellow line). Then, put the last nut back into green box because the others has been in its place. After that, I tightened it with screw. It was done.


I hesitated to do all of these because I am afraid to ruin this laptop. I thought that this will be difficult because I never do it before. But, finally I have plug hard drive into laptop and the laptop can be running well until this point.

And yesterday I was so shock when I told my friend how I plug hard drive into this laptop. >.<

He told me that I was wrong. I did not use all the available nuts. Every nuts went to the wrong place. Oh no >.<

Why plug hard drive is so difficult for me? No, no, no, I am not used to do it yet. Yes, I will try again next Monday because the laptop is currently with my other friend who went to other customer site. Okay, I will not give up on this thing. I keep praying to God to help me. I will give you update on next Monday.

If you are currently have situation like me, let’s fighting together. Share your experience in this post and let’s encourage each other 🙂

God bless you 🙂


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