Today is My Blood Donation Second Attempt

I donated my blood first time at June 17, 2012. It was a happy moment because I was glad my blood can be used to help others. Because I felt dizzy for some days after that happen, I hesitate to do it again. But, today my friend asked me whether I want to donate my blood with her and her husband or not. I decide to follow them who periodically donate their blood.

We went to Unit Donor Darah PMI Surabaya. I felt worry but I decide to help others by donating my blood. I trust this time I will not feel dizzy and ask God to help me 🙂

Blood Donation Place

First, I need to register by filling form for blood donation that is available at the left side.

Blood Donation PrerequisiteBlood Donation Prerequisite

Blood Donation PrerequisiteBlood Donation Prerequisite

I filled the questionnaire and put my sign there.

Second, I need to queue for blood donation.

Third, I checked my blood pressure and had interview with the doctor.

Fourth, my blood is taken and had Hemoglobin check.

Blood Donation Result

Unfortunately, my Hemoglobin is not qualified. Too Low. Okay, maybe next time I will try again whenever I have a chance 🙂

From today’s experience, I learned that although we are intended to do some good things, but everything is depend on God. God is sovereign on everything. Let’s keep doing our best and let God do the rest. God bless you 🙂

Instead you ought to say, “If the Lord wills, we will live and do this or that.” (James 4:15 ESV)

Blood Donation Flow





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