No Payment Method When Add Customer Payments Dynamics AX Retail

I want to add amount to my Gift Card in legal entity USRT. I use menu “Add amount” in “Call Center > Journals > Payment management > Gift cards”.

add amount gift card

I filled “Gift card number”, “Amount to add”, and “Customer”. Then click “Payments” in “Add to gift card balance” form.

add amount gift card

In “Customer Payments” form, I click “Add” then “Payment” form is appeared. I got issue that there is no payment method when I want to lookup “Payment method”.

no payment method

I tried to right click on “Payment method” then click “View Details” to open “Payment methods” form. I tried to create a new payment method. But, when I tried to save record, I got warning error “Field ‘Channel’ must be filled in”. Then, I cancel this process.

error channel add amount gift card

So, my friend told me to check “Call centers” in “Retail > Common > Retail channels > Call centers”.

retail call center

Then, check “Channel users”. Ohh this is the cause of issue about no payment method in “Customer Payments” form. My current user (AXAOSAdm) is not registered to “Channel users” yet. So, I create a new record in “Channel users” and add my current user (AXAOSAdm).

channel user retail call center

Yes, now I can lookup “Payment method” when add customer payments.

payment method lookup

Then, I can enter customer payment information.

payment add amount gift card

After that, I close “Customer Payments” form and click “OK” in “Add to gift card balance” form. Then, system will post the invoice and give us information “Invoice USRT-000004 has been posted”.

That’s it my experience to add gift card balance from Dynamics AX 2012 R3. Hope you can learn from my experience. If you have any thought about this matter, do not hesitate to add your comment below. 🙂

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