For Our Goodness Sake

We know that in all things God works for good with those who love him, those whom he has called according to his purpose.

Romans 8:28 GNT

Case 1 :

One day I need to pick up the costume for ministry at my church. Usually I don’t need to pick up the costume because I can receive it at the ministry’s day. But, this time the costume needs to be washed before used.

The sacrifice is a traffic jam from my office to my church. I though maybe I pick the wrong time. But, then after I pick up the costume, in the traffic jam, I remember to ask my friend who needs to rent a room in boarding house. I believe that nothing happens by accident. She told me that she also want to search a room that day.

Then, thank God, we can found the best room for her near her new office. Although suffering little bit, I am happy I can help my friend. I believe that God leads me to the right way of His plans.

The bonus is I got free dinner from her. A Singaporean Shrimp Noodle. Delicious for sure. Thank you. 😁

Case 2 :

There is a modification that integrates topic A and B in my work. One day I got question from my colleague X how to use that modification without topic B. I did not realize that my answer is wrong at that time.

One day I got task to solve issue in the same modification that has been created by my colleague Y without topic B. Then, I thank God I can revise my answer at that time to my colleague X. Without that issue, I did not realize that my answer is wrong until now. God leads my life in unexpected way.

Everything happens to lead us in the right way as God planned. Follow God’s way. Trust God.

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