Cannot Filter Field When CTRL+G in AX Lookup

Hi all,

I want to share about AX matter again 🙂

Today, I got issue which in my new form. I have a lookup to CustTable in “Account No.” field.

When I press CTRL+G, I cannot filter field Name.

ctrl G 1

The “Name” field is disable.

But, thank God I got idea to check the EDT I used in “Account No.” field.

And yes, I forgot to add “ReferenceTable” property.

So, the solution of this issue is below.

  1. Check “ReferenceTable” property in your EDT
  2. Fill “ReferenceTable” property in your EDT (for example in my case : CustTable)
  3. In “Table Reference” of your EDT, specify the “RelatedField” property.

Done. Hope it helps you too. God bless you 🙂


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