Barcode or QR code Scanner to PC using Android App

Hello all..

Today I try to scan barcode or QR code using Android smartphone as a barcode scanner. After search a while, I decide to try “Barcode To PC Scanner”. Here I share how to use it.

  1.  Go to
  2. Click “Download” section
  3. Download installer file barcodescanner1
  4. Run the installer
  5. Click “I Agree”barcodescanner2
  6. Click “Finish”barcodescanner3
  7. Install BarcodeToPC app from playstore (link)
  8. Scan QR Code from PC to connect to PC (server)barcodescanner4
  9. After connection to scanner is establish, in PC move your cursor to the desired location, for example a cell in excel.
  10. After that, in app, click camera iconbarcodescanner5
  11. Click “Single scan” and start scan the barcode or QR code.barcodescanner6
  12. The result will be displayed in the cell where your cursor on.

Hope it helps you too. God bless.


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