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There’s Power in Your Name Lyrics

  This beautiful and powerful song is created by Natania and her husband, Michael. This video is recorded at Sunday Service today in GKPB Masa Depan Cerah Surabaya. Natania and her children sang this...

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Live in Concert For His Highest Royal Priesthood MDC Surabaya

Halo guyss, GKPB Masa Depan Cerah (MDC) Surabaya mau mengadakan live in concert “For His Highest” loohh.. Ingat yaa.. Tanggal 25 Januari 2019 pukul 18.30 WIB di Graha Pemulihan lantai 2 (https://maps.app.goo.gl/qGLRk) Tiketnya murah...

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Perlukah Kau Kuatir

Banyak hal yang bisa membuat kita kuatir. Harapan-harapan yang belum terwujud, masalah-masalah yang menemui jalan buntu, masa depan yang belum terlihat jelas. Tetapi, jika kita memiliki Tuhan sebagai Bapa kita, kita tidak perlu kuatir...

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Being Grateful

Lately God teach me to be grateful in everything. Usually we are grateful when we got something good. But, could you be grateful when something bad is happened in your life? I learned that...

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